Mission #1: Helping the whole Family

I'm not sure what the motive is for other after school programs, but one of HIghland Kids Academy's missions is to help your entire family have a super great school year! How do we do this? Let me count the ways. 1. We greet each of the children as they get on the bus, asking how their day was, and conversing about whatever is on their mind. They are important to us and we want them (and you!) to know it. 2. We drive your children safely to the door of HKA where they are welcomed by another staff member who is very happy to see them and escorted to the snack room (after washing their hands of course!) where they eat yummy (and nutritious!) snacks and enjoy playing board games or creating pi

We Are (like) Family

Many people have asked me what makes our Highland Kids After-School program different than the other programs around town. I tell them about our homework time, our Discovery Clubs, excellent supervision, Tuesday Microphone Day, our fabulous huge gym, and our incredibly talented and friendly teachers. But somehow, this doesn't convey everything I want to say. It doesn't explain the atmosphere that pervades HKA, that makes us different and special. I can't always find the words to express this difference. So, I'm very grateful that one of our wonderful parents took a moment and wrote down her thoughts and feelings about our center. This helps explain it all. " I would recommend Highland Kid

10 reasons that HKA is an amazing place to be- What parents want to know

After visiting with many parents at verification days and Open Houses at the beginning of the school year, we know the questions and concerns that many of you have about after-school care. We have worked hard to respond to the needs and desires of our parents and children. Here are ten of the essential answers about Highland Kids Academy and what we have to offer: 1. We pick up at the schools and deliver them to our beautiful facility (on the campus of North HIghland Church at the corner of Moon Rd and Whittlesey Blvd) 2. The safety of your children is a priority. We have seat belts on our buses and security cameras in all of our classrooms. Your children are never left unsupervised. 3. We h

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