10 reasons that HKA is an amazing place to be- What parents want to know

After visiting with many parents at verification days and Open Houses at the beginning of the school year, we know the questions and concerns that many of you have about after-school care. We have worked hard to respond to the needs and desires of our parents and children.

Here are ten of the essential answers about Highland Kids Academy and what we have to offer:

1. We pick up at the schools and deliver them to our beautiful facility (on the campus of North HIghland Church at the corner of Moon Rd and Whittlesey Blvd)

2. The safety of your children is a priority. We have seat belts on our buses and security cameras in all of our classrooms. Your children are never left unsupervised.

3. We have "homework time"! We have a 45 minute session of homework time so the children will have the opportunity to do their homework before they get home. If they are having difficulty with an assignment, they have the opportunity to ask our staff for help. If they don't have homework on any particular day, we have them read (or we read to them) for 20 minutes of the homework time. If they finish their homework before the class is over, they can go to the "quiet" activity centers that are in each room.

4. We have smaller classes than most after school programs. We separate the children by grades (k-1, 2-3, 4-5) and won't have more than 16 children in the younger classes (the k-1 and the 2-3 classes) and at the most 20 in our 4th-5th grade class.

5. The children have opportunity to be outside for some physical activity. We have a wonderful playground area and a large gym which we use when the weather is disagreeable.

6. Our staff is very relational. They genuinely care for the children and will help them to have a school year filled with fun and learning.

7. Fridays we have Discovery Clubs where your child can explore different types of hobbies. These will vary according to what the children's interests are.

8. Also on Fridays, we have our CELEBRATE! time. We sing a few praise songs, learn a bible story that relates to the character quality (Kindness, respect, responsibility, Forgiveness, etc) that we have been highlighting for the week. This is also a time where the children have an opportunity to share about what they did during the past week.

9. We have holiday camps! Often times, when school is closed, parents still need to work. In order to help our families out, we have full daycare on many of those days. Ex: for Thanksgiving, schools are closed all week. We will have full daycare on the Monday and Tuesday of that week. Also at Christmas time, we will have at least one full week of full day winter camps. Call us for more details.

10.The following is a copy of our typical daily schedule:

2:15-3:00 Pick up children at school 3:00 - 3:15 Snack 3:15-4:00 Homework time 4:00 - 4:45 Outside/gym 4:45-5:00 Teacher Intro to new activity centers/ teacher led group activity 5:00-5:30 Learning Activity Centers 5:30-6:00 "Gathering Time" (children have an opportunity to do homework, play board games, sit at a "chat" table, or occasionally watch a video.) 6:00 - Closing time

We would love to know- As a parent, what would you like to have added onto this list? Please comment and let us know! :)

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