Mission #1: Helping the whole Family

I'm not sure what the motive is for other after school programs, but one of HIghland Kids Academy's missions is to help your entire family have a super great school year! How do we do this? Let me count the ways.

1. We greet each of the children as they get on the bus, asking how their day was, and conversing about whatever is on their mind. They are important to us and we want them (and you!) to know it.

2. We drive your children safely to the door of HKA where they are welcomed by another staff member who is very happy to see them and escorted to the snack room (after washing their hands of course!) where they eat yummy (and nutritious!) snacks and enjoy playing board games or creating pieces of art.

3. recognizing that quality family time is very important motivates us to help the children get much of their homework done before they go home each evening. This way, your entire evening is not filled up with stacks of notebooks and frustrating projects.

4. We spend much of the time in conversation with our students, encouraging them to be positive role models and good leaders. These aren't lectures, but actual conversations, as the day progresses and circumstances present themselves. We appreciate that children's emotions can be all over the place, and like to help them sort through them. The characters from the movie, Inside Out in the photo above were drawn by one of our amazing students!)

5. We makes sure your children have lots of activity through the afternoon and many opportunities to be creative. We have at least 7 centers in each room and special clubs on Fridays to encourage learning and fun!

6. We LOVE to talk with parents as you pick up your children each day. The more we talk with you, the more we can assist you in making your child's year amazing and awesome.

7. We have holiday camps! We just completed our Thanksgiving camp and are heading into a Christmas camp (December 21 and 22) and a winter camp! (January 2-5). We know that many parents have to work even when the children are off of school for the holidays and need childcare, so we try to stay open whenever possible.

There are so many more reasons, but we'd love to hear from you! If you are one of our regular parents, please tell us the things that you appreciate about HKA and let us know anything we can do to make life better for you and your family!

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