Summer Plans! We are Going to Have a Blast!

Oh, I can't wait until summer... and it's almost here!

We are going to have an amazing time at HKA ! And it's not too late for your child to be involved! Here are a few of plans that we have;

1. We're gonna build a time machine! Yep, that's right the first three days of summer, we are going to actually plan and build a time machine for each room. The kids will be given cardboard boxes, tin foil pipe cleaners, yarn, paint, (and pretty much anything else we have hanging around) and they will create an entrance to each room that will Help us to go back in time to whichever century we will be experiencing that week!

2. We'll have 4 rooms that the kids will rotate through: an inventions, Historical Treasure, a Character building, and a Fine Arts room, in addition to having a sports/gym/outside time every day.

We will have Microphone Tuesdays, and Water Wednesdays, Field trips, and times of celebration!

2. Our first week is also going to be when we experience Creation and creating, dinosaurs and Noah's ark (Did they miss it?), and ancient civilizations (Ever want to make up your own rules?)

3. Our field trips will be to places like

a. Antiquity Center in La Grange

b. Bare Ware Pottery

c. Columbus Art Museum

d. Civil War Naval Museum

e. Coca Cola Science Space Center

f. Fischer Farm (Waverly Hall)

g. Launch (Trampoline jumping place)

Stay tuned for more info in the next few days!

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