Let's visit Ms. Courtney

Ms. Courtney does not always dress like a fairy princess, but when she does, she looks amazing! T

Ms. Courtney is our 3rd and 4th grade teacher at HKA. She has a classroom full of boys who love to play with bey blades! They have friendly competitions a few times a week and you can hear their enthusiasm way across the hall. :)

Ms. Courtney also teaches one of our favorite clubs on fridays - the cooking club. The children who sign up for cooking are some of the best fed children on campus! They've made brookies (brownies and cookies combined), pizza, rice krispie treats, rootbeer floats, mud pies, and cake pops, among other things.

She has also been in charge of our "slime" club which is another favorite. (WE don't eat that though! lol)

Here are a few interesting facts about our Ms. Courtney:

Favorite Dessert - Key lime Pie

Favorite color- Pink

Favorite school subject - English

Hobbies - Cooling and painting

Favorite Holiday - Christmas

Favorite board game - Candyland

We love ms. Courtney and are so glad that she is part of our team!

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