Highland Kids Academy Basic Daily Schedule:*

2:30-3:00 Arrival of students- Outside time

3:00 – 3:15 Snack

3:15-4:00 Homework time/quiet centers

4:00- 4:45 Outside time

4:45-5:30 All Centers

5:30 Huddle Time


*Fridays include Club Time, Outdoor Time, and Center Time



More exciting info about what Highland Kids Academy has to offer:

HKA offers a 45 minute homework time Monday thru Thursday in all of our classrooms. The children are encouraged to complete what they can during this time, so that evenings at home can be filled with fun family activities and memorable times.

Our reading centers remain open all day so children can set a timer and do their required reading! (They are also encouraged to read “just for the fun of it!”)


We also time each week when we get together for CELEBRATE!, a time to sing some fun songs and get recognition for the great things that happened during the week. We also get an action filled lesson about the character quality that we have been highlighting all week. We do this through object lessons, Bible stories, and talking about modern day people who show those positive qualities. Parents are invited to share this time with us!



$35.00 registration fee

$80.00 for 1st child per week

$75.00 for 2nd child per week

$70.00 for 3rd child per week