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  • I see you are "3 Star Quality Rated." What does that mean?
    The three star is the highest rating. Quality Rated is a systemic approach to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality in early and school‐age care and education programs. Similar to rating systems for other service related industries, Quality Rated assigns a quality rating to early and school‐age care and education programs that meet a set of defined program standards.
  • What is the daily schedule for the After School program?
    The After school schedule is generally as follows: 2:20-3:00pm Children arrive 3:00-3:15pm Snack 3:15-4:00pm Outside/Homework 4:00-4:45pm Homework/Outside 4:45-5:00pm Teacher-Led Activity 5:00-6:00pm Centers
  • What is the daily schedule for the Summer program?
    The summer schedule varies a little depending on the theme we choose. This is an example of a typical summer schedule: 7:00-8:30am Relaxation time 8:30-9:00am Breakfast/Snack 9:00-9:45am Rotation 1 9:45-10:30am Rotation 2 10:30-11:15am Rotation 3 11:15-12:00pm Rotation 4 12:00-12:30pm Lunch 12:30-1:15pm Rotation 5 1:15-2:00pm Rotation 6 2:00-2:45pm Rotation 7 2:45-3:30pm Rotation 8 3:30-5:30pm Centers and Group Games 5:30-6:00pm Gathering Time
  • What will your summer theme be this year?
    2022's Theme is "Private Eye Academy: Solving Mysteries of the World!" These have been our themes other years: 2017 - Time Travel Through the Decades 2018 - Time Travel Through the Centuries 2019 - Funopoly 2020 - RoadTrip USA 2021 - Summer Camp: Extreme Holiday Edition
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